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    Grow It Yourself Hydroponics has been proudly serving the West Sussex and Hampshire area including Chichester, Bournemouth, Portsmouth, Worthing, Bognor Regis, Brighton and London.
    We have a huge range of Hydroponic products in our shop from grow tents, grow lights, nutrients and boosters and loads of other hydroponic equipment & accessories. Remember we only invest in top quality hydroponic brands that have been tried and tested. Grow It Yourself aim to offer all our customers the very best knowledge and expertise, so just ask and we will be happy to help. Grow it Yourself hydroponics only supply the very best nutrients, boosters and additives.
    We work with long established brands such as Advanced Nutrients, Biobizz, Dutch Pro, Canna and Vitalink to bring you the very best in the industry.
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