Complete Rooting Kit for Clones or Seeds. The Grow It Yourself Clone & Seed Rooting Kit includes a Hi-Top Medium Unheated Propagator, 24 large (36mm) propagation blocks in a tray, 250mls of Vita Link Plant Start, a Surgical Scalpel, 50mls of Clonex and a Book called Hydroponically Speaking 'Cloning'. This Book is really easy and simple to follow with different ways to take clones. The Lightwave T5 - 55 watt CFL Propagation light is perfect for cuttings and seeds. It produces a decent amount of light (55 watts) which will easily be enougth to root your cuttings or seeds for this size propagator. The bulbs last a while and are cheap and easy to change, plus this light is very low cost running making very eco friendly and energy efficient.

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Grow It Yourself
Grow It Yourself


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