600w 400v MaxiBright Digital Full Lighting Kit

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600w 400v MaxiBright Digital Lighting Kit

The MaxiBright Digi Kit is one of the best Ballasts available on todays market. We have sold many of these ballasts and kits in the shop. The reviews coming back are amazing with customers reporting back with great results. The ballasts are made with good quality have a nice feel to them. You can dimm the ballasts rite down or super boost them to 660w. The 400v technology allows the ballast to pulse the light quicker hence more light to the plant, this then increases yields. Make sure you use a 600w 400v bulb with these ballasts for optimum results.

The Kit Features the following;
1 x MaxiBright Euro Reflector
1 x 600w 400v MaxiBright Digital Pro Max Ballast
1 x 600w 400v Sunblaster DS

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