Ready for a no-noise, turbulence-free flow of air? Try the silent but deadly Q-Max EC Fan.

Its a super slick turbine fan that has a cutting-edge EC motor and 3D rotor stator system its unbelievably efficient!

You wont find another fan quite like it. The 3D rotor systems so good its patented other brands cannot use it.

As for the EC motor, it combines AC and DC voltages so you can move oodles of air on a much lower power, almost silently. You can power yours from a standard household mains supply. From a German made fan like this, youd expect nothing less!

When we say theyre silent, we mean itsay goodbye to noisy turbulence - say hello to a streamline design and sound insulating foam layer.

All fans MUST be connected to a Q-Max Digital EC Fan Controller.

You can control up to 10 fans at once with a plug & play Q-Max EC Fan Controller. Simply connect your fans, set your maximum fan speed, choose a target temperature and youre ready to go.

Has to be used with a Q-Max Digital EC Fan Controller
Low power! Unbelievably efficient turbine fan
Silent! No turbulence + sound insulation
Cutting-edge EC motor (combines AC & DC voltages)
Patented 3D rotor stator system
Light, compact & easy to mount
Premium German build
Robust metal casing
Meets ErP requirements for all EU marketed fans
Connect up to 10 fans with a Q-Max EC Fan Controller

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