Maxibright Daylight Supernova 315W kit

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Maxibright Daylight 315w kit with Philips Mastercolour Agro Red bulb lamp kit

Kit comprises of

  • Maxibright Daylight 315W Ballast
  • Supernova Reflector
  • Philips MASTERColour Elite Agro Ceramic MH EL 315W/930 Lamp
Welcome to the 21st century of horticultural lighting. The all new Ceramic Metal Halide lighting kits from Maxibright combine intensity with efficiency to create the most productive lighting kit available on the horticultural market. The precision design and build of the Maxibright 315w ballast brings out the best of Phillips unrivalled ceramic metal halide bulbs. These ceramic metal halide bulbs are available in two forms, the daylight bulb for the growing period and the agro bulb made specifically for the flowering stage of your favourite plant's life cycle.

The 315w ceramic metal halide lighting kits give out the highest ratio of usable light per watt of power consumed (1.9 UMOL per watt of electricity) making this lighting kit one of the most efficient combinations on the market. The spectrum of light that the 315w daylight bulb gives out is nearing the same wavelengths as the light emitted by our very own light in the sky, the sun. The most comparable light in terms of spectral output is a plasma light that also lies at >90 on the colour rendering index (sunlight is 100) but the plasma light lacks the intensity that the CMH supplies. For this reason, the CMH units have frequently been referred to as the plasma killers. This broad range of light supplies the plants in your grow room with every wavelength of light they could possibly want. This replicates the same conditions as they would be subjected to in their optimal outdoor conditions, without a cloud in sight. This broad range of light leads to more compact growth, more flowering sites and larger root systems delivering outstanding results at affordable prices.

Tests have shown that the double bulb units are covering an equivalent area to 1000w height pressure sodium fixtures, as well as giving much more vigorous and uniform growth patterns. In terms of price, these units are much more competitively priced compared to the 1000w and other 315w units. 1000w Gavita units are typically priced around 450 and the Dimlux 315w single bulb CMH units retail at well over 500.

The maxibright supernova is available specifically for the 315w CMH bulbs to be housed in. The reflector is designed to house a single 315w bulb with an adapter. These reflectors are designed to give an even spread of light with the single bulb unit covering a meter square. This reflector has 5m long leads to help you position the reflectors and ballasts how you choose without the use of extension cords.

The fixtures that the 315w Philips bulbs come with is different to most common high-pressure sodium and metal halide fittings (e40) but an adapter is available to convert all of your existing shades to accept these highly efficient bulbs, making it a simple task to install 315w ceramic metal halide lighting kits to your current set up. The Maxibright 315w ballasts themselves are lightweight, compact, cool and silent running as well as having all the great features of other quality Maxibright ballasts. This includes soft start technology, end of lamp life detection as well as thermal and short circuit protection, making them an ideal addition to any grow room whether it is a new build or an existing setup.

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