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Supplied with a 600watt Lumatek Dual Spectrum Bulb and the excellent value Euro Reflector is the 600watt Lumatek Dimmable Digital Ballast, which gives your grow room much more Flexibility over your plants lighting requirements. These ballasts are fully adjustable, giving you the freedom of dimming your 600watt Bulb down to 400 and 400 SL watt settings, allowing you to gently nurture your young plants/seedlings from propagation, right through the Vegetative Stage and into Flower. But it does not stop there, once into Flower these Ballasts also have a Super Lumens function, which gives your bulb a 10% boost in power, giving your plants the maximum possible PAR rating available to your plants when they want it most. Purchasing a lighting with a Lumatek dimmable ballast at its heart means you are investing in quality, efficiency and grow room flexibility. The Lumateks dont give off anywhere near as much heat as magnetic ballasts, and are more efficient in terms of lumens per watt.

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