• General Hydroponics Nutritients and Grow Systems

    General Hydroponics have been developing new hydroponic systems for some time now. They have perfected their nutrient formulas to enhance flavor and yield, plus vitamin and mineral content in foods crops for higher nutritional value. General Hydroponics even have a farm division that is testing many varieties of vegetables for growth rate, yield, flavor, nutrition, appearance, shelf-life and hydroponic viability.

    General Hydroponics are very popular in America and starting to get a name here in the UK, which is no surprise considering they are one of the leading pioneers of hydroponics. A wide variety of seeds for gourmet fruits, vegetables, herbs, flowers and ornamental plants are suitable for hydroponic cultivation. General Hydroponics are continually testing a variety of hydroponic and aeroponic techniques while adapting traditional organic methods in soil-less cultivation to determine the best methods to grow top-quality crops.
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