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All categories » Fans, Filters & Environment Control » Odour Neutralizing Agents

7 Products found

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Odour Neutralising Agent (O.N.A.) Pro Gel 3 Litre


This gel based product is ideal for larger room applications due to its controlled release formula, which offers a constant treatment of odours over a longer time frame. Simply place in your target area and take off the lid.

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ONA Odour Neutralizing Gel


ONA gel is a complex mix of essential oils, suspended in a polymer gel. The essential oils are organically derived from plants throughout the world, non toxic and environmentally friendly, when the ONA gel is exposed to atmosphere the ONA particles are released into the air and neutralise any airborne odour.

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ONA Mist Odour Control


The ONA Mist can delivers a pressurised mist of odour neutraliser. Pushing the nozzle creates a fine mist in the air which neutralisers organic and inorganic odours it comes into contact with. Derived from plants throughout the world and completely safe to use around people pets and plants.

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Odour Neutralising Agent (O.N.A.) Pro Liquid Concentrate 1L


'Odour Neutralising Agent' (O.N.A.) Liquid can be used in many different applications and is very versatile. Available in a 1 litre bottle, 'Odour Neutralising Agent' (O.N.A.) liquid can be used as a wash-down product for rooms or materials where odours need to be removed and where odours have penetrated textured

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ONA Odour Control Spray


Odour Neutralising Agent' (O.N.A.) Spray is supplied in an environmentally friendly non-aerosol pump spray dispenser, offering a fine mist that floats on the air, neutralising odours instantly! Ready for when you need a solution urgently and easily! Ideal for home or office use and pet safe. The 200ml spray applicator

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Odour Neutralising Agent (O.N.A.) Pro Solid Block 250ml


'Odour Neutralising Agent' (O.N.A.) Solid Block is ideal for placing in internal ventilation systems to eliminate odours in office or household environments or used in small areas such as cupboards and closets or even cars and caravans (for larger space not in a ventilation system, we would recommend the gel).

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ONA Mist Dispencer


The ONA Mist Dispenser is a great way to control odors in small rooms and areas where the odor source is constant or repeated. Rooms such as bathrooms, entry or exit areas, pantries, workshops, and garbage collection areas that are approximately 6,000 cubic feet (170 sq. meters) are aptly serviced

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7 Products found

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