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All categories » Grow Lights » Complete Lighting Kits » 600w Grow Lights

The 600 watt range is one of the most popular grow lights used around the world. They kick out a lot of lumens and are good when used with a few for covering areas. One 600 watt will cover 1 metre square.

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LUMii 600w TIMA Ballast, MAXii Reflector, 600w SunBlaster Lamp


This LUMii Lighting Kit contains a LUMii 600w Compacta TIMA Ballast, a LUMii MAXii Reflector and a LUMii SunBlaster 600w Lamp.

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PowerPlant 600w Hobby Kit, Eazi Rolls With PowerPlant Lamp


All in one box, just plug in and grow! Reflector and 600w Ballast, PP 600w HPS Lamp and Eazi Roll hangers. The Hobby is a complete horticultural lighting system, all in one box, just plug and grow. Each system comes with a PowerPlant Daylite Ballast, a high quality horticultural reflector, a pack of 2 Eazi Rolls to allow for height adjustment, hanging hooks and PowerPlant HPS lamp. Ready to use.

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600w Lumatek Dimmable Euro System


This dimmable digital HID Lighting Kit contains:

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LUMii 600w DIGITA Ballast with MAXii Reflector and 600w SunBlaster HPS Lamp


This LUMii MAXii kit comes with an open ended and highly polished dimpled reflector along with a LUMii 600w DIGITA Ballast and a SunBlaster 600w HPS Lamp.

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600w Lumatek Euro wing Kit


This dimmable digital HID Lighting Kit contains:

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GAVITA Pro 600w SE EU Complete Fixture


The GAVITA Pro 600 is the first 240 Volt electronic ballast that powers the professional Philips GreenPower 600W 400V EL (electronic) lamp. This lamp has the highest PAR light output, improved spectrum and the best light maintenance (>95% PAR light over one year of use).

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600w 400v MaxiBright Digital Full Lighting Kit


600w 400v MaxiBright Digital Lighting Kit. The MaxiBright Digi Kit is one of the best Ballasts available on todays market.

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600W Maxibright Euro Kit


For growers on a budget, this kit contains all you need to setup a 600w lighting system at minimal cost.

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11 Products found

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