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Propagation Lighting

It is very important to give your plants the best possible start to you can from seedling or cutting. So invest in a good propagation light to produce lovely healthy looking plants. These propagation lights will help you by producing a clear light which is perfect for seedlings, cuttings and young plants. The benefits from using a propagation light is that you will have lower heat levels and smaller fans can be used.

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T5 Propagation Grow Lights 2 Tube


Variations available
LightWave T5 LightWave T5 lighting has proved to be a revelation for plant production and for aquariums.

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EnviroGro Propagation Light - Sylvania 55w Lamps


The EnviroGro Propagation Light is a powerful twin lamp compact fluorescent system ideal for propagating plants anytime, anywhere. This unit radiates a gentle level of heat that complements propagation. In trials, this has been found to be beneficial in seedling growth in areas with cooler temperatures.

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2 Products found

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