Secret Jardin Dark Propagator 90 x 60 x 90 cm

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DP120 (120x60x120cm) The DP120 is a professional product dedicated to the seedings and cuttings Up to 792 cuttings at a time! (3 floors x 4 trays x 66 cubes of 2.5 cm side) The removable Grids & Trays allow users to include growing, mother plants & flowering as well The permissive & light proof fabric included allows users to get the same T & H% on each floor The Green Covers keep high humidity for specific trays without interfering with the rest of the tent Can be equiped with TN2x55 Grids, Trays and Green Cover are also sold seperately (See Accessories & Spare Parts) "Get 1100 cutting / m2 and grow them inside" DP90 (90x60x90 cm) The DP90 is a small room for seeding and cutting: It can be setup in a living room, being light proof It can produce up to 144 cuttings at a time - 2 x 7 raws x 11 cubes of 2.5 cm side Can also be used as a small Grow Room station (growing, mother plants & flowering) Can be equiped with TN1x55 or TN2x55 in all temperatures Also compatible with the DP120 Trays and Green Cover (up to 3 side by side) "For all uses" Light-proof, waterproof, the Secret Jardin DARKPROPAGATOR are some "stations alternatively" lined with 95% reflective hammered effect mylar fabric (190D), to increase light intensity and improve light distribution.

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