Gavita Pro 1700e LED

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Form factor

With the same performance that makes Gavita the worlds leading horticultural lighting brand comes a new LED light fixture designed to deliver more usable energy to your plants while consuming less power. The Gavita Pro 1700e LED is a full-term light fixture that provides consistent, energy-efficient results.

Output and efficiency

Operating at 645 watts with an output of 1700 mol s-1, this fixture achieves an impressive efficacy of 2.6 mol s-1 per watt. Eight passively cooled LED bars provide intense light coverage with no fans or moving partssignificantly reducing the number of possible fail points compared to other fixtures.

External control

The Gavita Pro 1700e LED is dimmable and distributes broad, full-spectrum light anywhere from 50% to 100% while maintaining efficiency. Dim using the Gavita E-Series LED Adapter and Gavita EL Master Controller to create ideal lighting levels as needs change from veg to bloom for various crops throughout their growth cycles. The Gavita E-Series LED Adapter 120-277 V (sold separately) is required for each fixture when using the controller; non-controlled fixtures simply operate at 100%. You can connect up to 500 1,000 LED fixtures, depending on the controller, using a setup with daisy-chained splitters.

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